Когда все гении перемрут, Я останусь в гордом одиночестве.
eee ...<
Freedom! The parents had gone to the sea.
Dance Dance Dance until the morning.
Today we'll have fun.Martini and cognac are ready.

My voice is gradually restored. Hooray!=^^=
I sang all day. This is amazing. Have not had these experiences.:D
Flight ...
And for me, smiling sun. Is it evening? How quickly time passes.<

House No shampoo. WHY?? Noooooooo
I hate dirty heads. Disgustin`

I miss Ornella. When you've come, baby?Т_Т

Actually, I need to buy another web camera and microphone.
Old died.:-(
I have long been waiting in Skype.

Incidentally I have not slept all night.
I first watched the movie Prophet. I liked it. Strong film.
Next I listen to music. Guess what? DBSK! and Miyavi.

I found my dream. I wanna to become a professional singer.
This is a childhood dream.
Really cool? Waiting for the full restoration of voting.