Когда все гении перемрут, Я останусь в гордом одиночестве.
This is not a dream it’s nonsense.

Somehow I ended up an exile.
All the exiles were to be killed.
We were transported to Stolypin train.
It was winter.At some stations were planted and shot
. I and a few lucky.
We jumped off the train in the snow.
And then disappeared.
We fled from the Russian.
In the dream I was not Russian.I don`t know who I was.

Before that I again dreamed of a snake.
When I dream of a snake, then I yell. I dont understand why.
It is always a bad sign to me.
Means death.its disgusting.
After this dream I was tense.
I fell asleep immediately.
I was afraid to scream again.
I dreamed that I was cut. I tried to keep quiet.
Dream about the exiles for me after that was a pleasant adventure.Probably, in this dream I was Jewish.