Когда все гении перемрут, Я останусь в гордом одиночестве.
I’m going crazy.
I obviously has a split personality.
As I thought all the thoughts that night were now disappeared.
I am not melancholic,
just happens.
In this blame the heat.
Everyone gets mad.
government in the first place.
Well, I don`t want to cover this topic.
Well, I don`t wanna to cover this topic.
Suddenly, the federal security service
that is interested. Dangerous Haha

And I have a dream.
I want to work as a bartender at a coffee shop
.A little dream.
I wanna to inhale the aroma of coffee every day.
And secretly drink coffee.
It is so romantic and cozy.
Since when did I become a romantic?

I want to take pictures.
I missed that case.
I probably forgot that I was the creator of memories.
I need to tie my memories.
I’ve forgotten.
Photos, music and coffee.
Hmmm …
I love it. My only love is art.
This does not change.
I can make love only
with photos, music and … dancing.
Many times I said that I hate dancing...
but this is deceptive.
I love to be given the feeling during the dance.
I like to move to the music and I feel alive.
I cant live without it.

I so often lie to me.

When I sing Im true.